Patient Statements

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You can automate the processing of electronic patient statements. Simply send patient information and amount owed. Apex EDI will print and mail the statement to patients.

Once uploaded to the Apex EDI claims portal, statements can be reviewed, edited, and released for sending. Additionally offices can search and review statements via the Apex EDI claims portal.

To automate statements you must decide on the upload method and the statement format to send to Apex EDI.

Statement Format

Acceptable Apex formats include:

Statement Upload

  1. Statement sending can be integrated directly into your software using the Upload method of the OneTouch API.
  2. Statements can be uploaded to Apex EDI via theApex EDI OneTouch application. The Apex EDI OneTouch application runs directly on the client's machine. After the statements are batched and created by your software, the iser can upload statements with a single click.