Browse the reference topics below to find details to help you get started with your integration with Apex EDI.

ANSI X12 Documents An overview of ANSI X12 documents used in sending helth care claims and eligibility.
Authentication Authentication for sending and receiving data from Apex EDI webservices.
Customer Service Details about customer service experience Apex EDI offers your users.
Invoicing Options Details about invoicing options available to Apex EDI partners.
Languages & Code Snippets Details about programming languages and available code snippets for integrating with Apex EDI.
Multiple Locations Details on the information that needs to be passed when working with multiple locations.
Payer List Instructions on how to access the Apex EDI payer list
Private Label Get details about private labeling the Apex EDI claims portal with your logo and colors.
Provider Enrollment Learn how Apex EDI handles provider enrollment for you and your customers.