OneTouch API

The following operations are supported.

Available Methods
GetApexPayerIDs Returns an XML string of ApexPayerID numbers and payer names. A professionID = 1 will pass back the medical the payers and their corresponding Apex Payer IDs. A professionID = 2 will pass back the dental payers and their corresponding Apex Payer IDs.
GetClaimStatusByVendorClaimID Retrieves the status of a claim based on a vendor generated claim id.

When claim data is uploaded to Apex EDI, the vendor can attach a unique, vendor-generated claim id. Subsequently, this vendor claim id can be supplied with other appropriate parameters to retrieve the status of the claim.
GetFileByName Downloads a file to the users software via the OnetouchApexEDI web service.
GetUnviewedERAMFiles Returns a list of unviewed ERAM files.
GetUnviewedFiles Returns a list of unviewed files.
GoToClaimFormByVendorClaimID Directs a user to Apex EDI's web-based claim form UI.

The GoToClaimFormByVendorClaimID directs the user to an online web-based version of a specific claim based off a previously assigned vendor claim id. Through this web-based claim form, the user can view, edit, or correct a failed claim.
MarkFileAsViewed Marks a particular file as viewed on the website.
Upload Transmits a claim or statement batch.

The Upload call authenticates the user and allows them to post a claim or statement file to Apex EDI’s webserver.

URL Formatting Helper Methods

  • C#
  • Java
public static string FormatApexUrl(string methodCall, string ApexUrl, string content)
        return String.Format("{0}{1}{2}", ApexUrl, methodCall + "?", content);
public static String FormatApexUrl(String methodCall, String ApexUrl, String content)
        return String.format("%s%s%s", ApexUrl, methodCall + "?", content);