Provider Enrollment

Some payers require enrollment. You can rest assured that we will handle everything.

Our process includes these steps:

  1. Immediately after registration with Apex EDI, the client is directed to the Apex EDI enrollment web page.
  2. Client selects payers by following the steps in the Enrollment get started process guide.
  3. The Apex EDI enrollment team will follow up with the client 24-48 hours after the enrollment guide is sent. The Apex EDI enrollment team verifies:
    • Accuracy of the information the client has submitted
    • Proper completion of the enrollment forms
  4. Apex EDI Enrollment team follows up with the payers to:
    • Verify the receipt of the providers enrollment forms
    • Verify the payer's responses
    • Monitor progress of enrollment requests, rejections, and resubmission
  5. Apex EDI Enrollment team verifies the final enrollment success and notifies the providers office of successful enrollment.
  6. For enrollment questions, please contact us at Please include the client's Name, Phone, and Apex EDI client ID.

Note: Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS require enrollment processing timelines of 6-10 business days to process enrollment. Depending on the state/region this may vary. Apex EDI will help the office to understand enrollment timelines and expectations upon registration with Apex EDI. For best results, please have the client articulate their enrollment timeframes at time of registration. Apex EDI sales and enrollment departments do their best to alleviate any lapse of claims processing due to enrollment processing. We cannot guarantee timelines or processing by the payers, however we have a great track record and are dedicated to assisting providers in the enrollment process.