Private Label

As an Apex EDI partner you are provided with a private labeled claims portal for tracking claims. Your private label portal will carry your logo and color scheme. All users assigned to your private label will see your branding when they login to mange claims.



This portal allows users to view failed claims and correct missing or incorrect data. When viewing a failed claim a list of errors is displayed to indicate the information that needs to be added or corrected.


The client can review "Insurance Responses" (ANSI 277) to claims. These responses indicate whether or not the claim was accepted for further processing. Rejected claims will need to be corrected and resubmitted.


The client can also review "Electronic EOBs" (ANSI 835) to see payment details for a specific check from the payer. These Electronic EOBs are presented in an easy to read PDF format that can be printed or downloaded for further record keeping.


The Electronic EOB is also available in a machine readable format for posting back to your software.


Patient statements can also be viewed on the portal for final editing. Offices can decide what statements they mail, hold, delete, or adjust before releasing to the mail. Apex EDI will then mail the statements to the patient within 24 hours for processing to the patient. Statements are mailed with a return envelope and payment stub addressed to the practice.